Business Cards? Do I still need them in the digital world of today?


    If you have listened to some of the people around you at work, you may believe having business cards in 2019 is no longer important. In fact, business cards still matter and, to some extent, can even make you stand out more than those that do not have them.


    Digital information is impersonal — While it may seem alright to add someone’s phone number to your smart phone, and to add yours to theirs, you will have more impact if you give them one of your business cards instead. This is because business cards are far more a personal thing than is using an electronic device.


    Business cards are shared if they are unusual — If you have interesting or unusual business cards, there is a very good chance they will be share with other people that may be prospective customers. After all, if someone likes the business card you give them, they are very likely to show it to other people at work or at home. Thus, getting you and your company in front of even more people.

    Cheap, simple to print and easy to hand out — As handing out business cards takes hardly any time at all, you would be foolish to not have some printed in 2019. For tips on how to get them professionally printed, check out Business Cards Vancouver . After all, adding your phone number to someone’s phone can take the same amount of time as giving your business card to five other people. They are also simple and inexpensive to print, and one of the best direct marketing tools still around today.


    The awkwardness of no business card — When someone gives you their business card, it can be awkward to not have one to give back. Especially if you have an online way of connecting with them that they do not use or do not care to use.