What is a tonneau cover?

A tonneau cover for trucks covers your truck bed and protects your freight. Tonneaus are good as they protect your truck bed from unnecessary damage that may be caused on the road. While maintaining the good look of your vehicle, a tonneau ensures that your truck can transport a variety of loads. There are numerous tonneau covers for trucks in the market. You need to source the right ones, and if you have limited knowledge of the covers, you should consult an expert’s advice and get yourself the best tonneau covers in the market. A good and quality tonneau cover will serve you for a long and give you a good service. In this article, there are tonneaus covers that are of high quality and have been manufactured by an authentic company in the country.


Tyger Auto TG-BC3F10441 and the Tyga T3

These are Tyger products and are made with high-quality fabric. The Tyger Auto TG is foldable and offers flexibility as well as quality. The Tyger product is highly durable and is made up of very resistant materials. Its quality is top-notch and has quite an amazing finish. The Tyger Auto TG is less costly, and its installation is fast and quite self-explanatory for the truck owner. However, the fabric may leak in some water when it rain. Therefore, the need to be careful with the type of cargo you cover. The Tyger Auto T3 is waterproof. It is made of strong aluminum frames that make it long-lasting. The Tyger T3 is easy to install. Also, it is made with strong vinyl that makes it resistant to harsh weather conditions that ensure the safe transport of your cargo. The Tyger Auto T3 enhances the truck’s fuel consumption and helps you save. Tyger products are excellent tri fold tonneau covers for truck and will give you some great service.


Considerations and Benefits

As you head to the store to get your tonneau cover, it is important to consider several factors, including how durable the material is. A durable cover will serve the purpose it is intended for quite a long time. Choose covers that are made with strong vinyl and aluminum covers. Also, a durable cover will protect your cargo from the harsh climate when in transit. Also, check the cover that best suits your truck type. Choose a tonneau that will complement the amazing finish on your truck. Consider the tonneau that has strong clamps that will be strongly attached to your truck bed. Tonneau covers help in fuel conservation, thus saving you some coins that you can use on other expenditures. They are easy to install, and you can seek help with installation from where you buy the cover.

Ideal Microwave for the Perfect Space

There are so many styles of microwaves available on the market and we will explore some of the categories. Microwaves come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and cooking capacities. This guide will explore microwaves in 6 categories from the small countertop, medium countertop, large countertop, over-the-range, built-in, and commercial models. For more in-depth information, please check out the only guide you need on reviewho.

The smallest version of microwaves is considered the small countertop models. These models are ideal for small spaces such as in a dorm or a small apartment. They have between 600-1100 watts of power and 1 cubic foot of cooking space while 10-14 inches tall/deep and weighing 20-30 lbs in the price range of $60-$300. These models use less energy and are easier to clean. Some disadvantages include they are less powerful which requires longer cooking times and hold less food.

Medium cuntertop microwaves are a step up in size, power, and capacity over their smaller cousins. A medium microwave has a cooking capacity of 1-2 cubic feet with a wattage of 800-1300 watts weighing 30-50 lbs in the price range of $100-$200. Some advantages of this size include quicker heating times, more food capacity, and quicker heating times.

Large countertop microwaves have an increased cooking capacity over the medium-sized models with a capacity of over 2 cubic feet and 1200-1400 watts with a weight of 50-70 lbs for a price of $150-$300. Some features of larger microwaves include a grill function, convection cooking, and some presets. Disadvantages include taking up space and requiring more energy.

Over the Range microwaves mounted under cabinets are similar to the medium countertop microwaves with a 2 cubic capacity, 600-1200 watt power range, and a weight of 50-65 lbs. The price is between $200-$1200 however most people have to hire a professional to install this type of microwave. Some features include defrosting and convection cooking. This style of microwave does save space however is harder to reach for shorter people.

Built-in drawer microwaves are just like they sound… mounted in a cabinet like a drawer. This saves counter space and the capacity is similar to a medium-sized countertop microwave with a wattage of 800-100 watts but the price is higher on these models in the $700-$1000 range.

Commercial microwaves are normally smaller than the larger countertop microwaves due to their use in cramped restaurant kitchens. The cooking capacity is 1 to 1.5 cubic feet with a wattage of 1,000 to 3,000 or more. They are more expensive than consumer models in the range of $500-$3000. The advantage of a commercial microwave is they can last for several years under constant abuse however they are more expensive and higher costs to operate.


How to Drive in Australia with Your Chinese License

Renting a Car in Australia

Australia is a popular tourist destination for many countries. In 2019 alone over 1.4 million Chinese residents visited Australia, an increase of 400% since 2009. Although there is public transportation in Australia, it is not nearly as efficient or as easy to use as the public transportation in China. Additionally, the fares are often high which makes it less than economical. Lastly, while some urban areas in Australia are easily accessible by walking, renting a car in Australia will allow you to see beautiful destinations that are located outside of large cities such as the Great Ocean Road and Penguin Island. Renting a car with a Chinese driver’s license is simple, you only need to provide your license, license translation, and a credit card. However, it should be noted that most car rental companies in Australia require that the driver be at least 21 years of age. Drivers between 21 and 25 years of age may be charged an additional fee.


Australian Requirements for a Chinese License

While the laws regarding driving with a foreign license differ across each state in Australia, in general it is allowed as long as you are a temporary visitor with a visa. If you are moving to Australia, you will need to obtain a new license within 3 months of your arrival in Australia. However, if your driving license is not written in English it required that you obtain a certified 驾照翻译 translation of your driver’s license and have it readily available. When driving in Australia you will need to have the original version of these documents as copies are not acceptable. Alternately if you do not wish to have a certified English translation of your driver’s license you may drive in Australia with an International Driving Permit. It should be noted that this option is the more complicated of the two because China is not a member of the FIA and the permits can only be issued if applied for in Hong Kong.


Approved License Translators

While it may seem easy to find a license translator you must make sure that they are government approved for their services to be accepted. In Australia, the National Accreditation Authority for Translator and Interpreters (NAATI) is considered to be the nation’s standard for translations. NAATI is a not for profit company that is owned by commonwealth, state, and territory governments and is ran by an appointed board of directors. With a goal of maintaining high quality translations, this trusted source makes finding a translator easy. Simply go to their website and use the drop down menus to find the translation type you are looking for.

Best gas stoves to acquire to make cooking an easy task for your kitchen

A new gas stove is a serious investment for your kitchen owing to its price, but it plays a huge role in the kitchen.

It is the heart of the kitchen as cooking would be a tedious process without a gas stove. A good gas stove will be your savy companion for more than a decade, saving you the costs of acquiring a new one and the costs of frequent repairs.

Several vital factors help you make the best choice for your gas range, including its capacity, size, cooktop, oven, and convenience. From these factors, here are the best gas stoves to acquire in 2020 curated with the help of the guys at เครื่องครัว.


Samsung NX58H5600SS

The Samsung NX58H5600SS is re-known as a simple, well-designed gas range that offers five different cooking options. The stove has nicely placed stainless steel dials that create a flexible turning experience. It has a large digital display panel making it easy to regulate your oven temperature. Besides, its grates are well designed for easy cleaning.

In addition to its features and designs, the Samsung NX58H5600SS cooking ability is on another level. It can preheat exceptionally fast than other gas stoves supporting both baking and roasting tasks. The KitchenAid appliance is offered at an affordable price despite its high-end range quality.


KitchenAid KFGD500SS

The KitchenAid KFGD500SS is the best option when looking for a gas range with two cooking spaces instead of one. The gas stove is customized to meet all customer’s requirements and is available in three different options: premium black stainless steel, white stainless steel, and precise stainless steel.

One of its greatest advantages its double oven feature allowing you to cook different dishes at different temperatures. People with regular visitors and those that love to cook can make the best use of this appliance. Besides, its EasyConvect Conversion setting makes it easy to cook any recipe of your choice.



Next in line is the LG LRGL5823D gas stove from the LG company. The smart gas range is known for its seven rack positions and five-burner cooktop, adding flexibility. It is built in a beautiful design with functionality in mind and is available in PrintProof stainless steel and PrintProof black stainless steel features.

The gas stove has a large capacity oven that allows people with extended families and regular visitors to prepare large meals with much ease and without cramping the device. It is Wi-Fi enabled, working with Google Assistant, and can be controlled remotely, creating its uniqueness. Besides, it is fitted with an air fry feature that taps energy and uses air reducing its gas usage.



The GE JGB645SEKSS is a freestanding gas range with a 5.0 cubic foot oven capacity and a self-cleaning feature. The gas stove is available in stainless steel and has a stovetop with an attractive feature that shines.

The gas range is designed with four burners that include a 15000 BTU power burner that heats water to a boil within a short period. Besides, it has a 5000 BTU burner that helps to avoid boiling over. Its controls are relatively easy to understand and use, and it comes at a pocket-friendly price.


Yes, gas stoves remain one of the best ways to get cooking (so to speak). We hope our article helped you a bit and we’d love if you read some of our other blog posts.

Why Your Home Needs a Lemon Tree

A lemon tree is a unique way to decorate your home organically and provide fresh fruit. Whatever stage the plant is in, it commands attention. Even with only glossy, green leaves, the plant is attractive. When in bloom, it has fragrant white or pinkish flowers. Eventually, the tree will decorate itself with bright yellow lemons.

Like any plant, a Meyer lemon tree requires proper care. Depending on the variety and your location, these plants may be placed outside during the summer months. In the winter, the plant will flourish indoors near a sunny window. They need to be watered, fertilized and have the proper temperature and amount of light. They’ll need to be monitored for pests, especially if they are outdoors. You’ll find that the results are more than worth the effort for caring for it.


Enhance your Health and Well-Being

Lemons are rich in antioxidants and minerals, including vitamin C, folate, and potassium. Squeeze a lemon and add the juice to warm water in the morning for an energizing drink. In the evening, pick a lemon from the tree and use the juice to make lemon cosmopolitans.

The light, citrus scent from the clusters of blossoms does more than naturally freshening a room. It restores your mind and spirit and reduces anxiety. After a long and stressful day, sitting next to a lemon tree relaxes you and puts you in a better mood. Breathing in the scent of citrus has been shown to reduce stress.


Add Ever-Changing Beauty

The dark green leaves with the contrasting white or pale pink blossoms of a lemon tree complements any décor. After flowering, each small green fruit grows and ripens into a bright yellow fruit. This stunning plant makes an unusual conversation piece. Unlike a picture or a vase, the lemon plant is an art piece that is living and responsive.


Pick your own fruit

A freshly-picked tree-ripened lemon enhances any recipe. Harvesting a lemon from your very tree gives a sense of satisfaction, accomplishment, and appreciation for nature.

From drinks to both sweet and savory dishes, lemons are the essential ingredient of many recipes. They enhance the flavor and adds brightness to many foods. Use them when making sweet treats like tarts, pies, and cookies. Lemon juice gives a tang and antioxidants to plain water. A tree-ripened lemon is bursting with flavor and fragrance. Store-bought lemons are typically picked green and ripen in transit. Because of this, they are not as flavorful and aromatic as a freshly-picked, tree-ripened lemon. Keep in mind that it’s not just the fruit you can eat. Pick a few leaves and use them when grilling seafood. Boil a few to make lemon leaf tea.

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