Home Home Improvement Do You Have A Hardwood Floor? These Are The Best Mops For You

Do You Have A Hardwood Floor? These Are The Best Mops For You

Do You Have A Hardwood Floor? These Are The Best Mops For You

What To Consider When Buying A Mop


Happiness is a freshly cleaned house. When tidying up the house, the longest part of the process is cleaning the floor. It’s the first thing seen when a guest first enters the house as well as what the homeowner will always see. If a homeowner has a hardwood floor, there are various mops that can do the job. But before a mop is purchased there are four things to consider.


The first thing to think about when buying a mop is how large the budget is for it. Then, is how heavy the mop is. Most people like light weighted mops for increased mobility when cleaning. It also should be flexible enough to clean underneath hard to reach surfaces. Next, consider what type of material the mop is made of. In ideal circumstances, a microfiber mop head is the best choice. It is because of its ability to absorb water, so that after mopping the floor is not sticky. Finally, it’s great to invest in eco-friendly brands to keep the environment clean and healthy for children and pets.


The Best Mops To Purchase


The top three best mops for hardwood floors are the microfiber mop, the professional dust mop, and the LINKYO Microfiber Floor Mop, all of which you can find on floorcleaningtools.com.


  1. Professional Microfiber Mop


The professional microfiber mop is an affordable product that everyone can buy. Because it has microfiber, it can pick up the finest particles of dirt, dust, and hairs. In addition, it has an aluminum handle that makes the mop very sturdy to use. The con of this product is that it lacks the provision of adding cleaning liquid.


  1. Professional Dust Mop


The professional dust mop is a lightweight product switch which can be utilized on multiple types of surfaces. Its handle can be extended 36 inches to 60 inches for convenience. As well as it can be stored easily without taking up space. These products come with a dry or wet pad which makes it convenient to clean. In addition, the mop head turns 360° making it easy to clean underneath furniture. This mop can be cleaned in cold water or a washing machine. The only con about this product that it can’t clean mats or rugs, nor can it clean itself.


  1. LINKYO Microfiber Mop


The LINKYO Microfiber Mop tends to be popular amongst households because it is not only very helpful, but it is also very attractive. When it is ordered, it arrives in the colors, pink and green. It has a stainless steel handle and aluminum frame which showcases its durability. Moreover, homeowners can use it as either a dust mop or wet mop. This mop is backed up with a two-year guarantee. The con about this product is that it can be on the pricey side, however, the purchase is with the cash.