Home Fashion Borboleta handbags: Comfortable, stylish and sustainable handbags for women

Borboleta handbags: Comfortable, stylish and sustainable handbags for women

Borboleta handbags: Comfortable, stylish and sustainable handbags for women

Borboleta handbags have been available to the public since 2012. These stylish handbags are popular in more than 50 countries, and some of the main reasons for that include the sustainable and ethical production practices as well as the unique style they all provide to the user.

There is a handbag waiting for you at Borboleta. However, besides fashion, this company also focuses on positively impacting the environment. You will be making a positive impact on the environment with each purchase. However, Borboleta’s impact goes beyond that.

Fashion + Charity

Borboleta not only focuses on helping people look good. The company also believes that small actions can lead to a brighter future, and that’s why they have started working with the Ocean of Wisdom Foundation.

Each purchase you complete at the Borboleta store will contribute to the funding of educational programs and breakfast for underprivileged kids in Taiwan. Hence, Borboleta helps you make a positive impact in the world while also providing you with a fashionable handbag that will accompany you everywhere, no matter the occasion.

Stylish, comfortable and sustainable

“Borboleta” means “Butterfly” in Portuguese. The concept of the brand is all about the beauty and delicacy associated with these winged creatures.

Additionally, each Borboleta bag has been designed to be as durable as possible. The company only uses synthetic leather or vegan leather to manufacture each product. Hence, you can be sure that all of the products are cruelty-free. In fact, the Borboleta brand has been PETA-approved. The brand believes that we don’t need to harm animals to look good.

More than just handbags

In addition to handbags, Borboleta also offers diverse products to the public. These products include clutches, wallets and regular bags. Plus, you will also find a men’s collection that includes wallets and belts. The brand has been working thoroughly to expand its horizons and attract more public, but the focus on the feminine market is still present.

Additionally, if there is something in specific you would like to request, be sure that Borboleta will be able to get it done for you. You can look stylish and preserve your individuality by making a custom request.

Hence, Borboleta’s offer goes beyond the regular catalog. You can make custom requests at any time. One representative of the company will make sure you receive an answer as soon as possible, allowing us to start working on your request ASAP so you can have it at home in the blink of an eye.

The Bottom Line

Borboleta continues to expand its market. More than 50 countries are enjoying the beauty and style that Borboleta has in store for all women. Be it a casual gathering or a meeting at the office. You can be sure that your Borboleta กระเป๋าสะพายข้าง will be the perfect match for your outfit, no matter what you decide to wear.

Additionally, keep in mind that you would be contributing to funding the future of an underprivileged kid in Thailand with each purchase. Hence, if you would like to positively impact the world while also looking as good as possible, Borboleta offers you a good opportunity for that!