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Documentaries About Life-Sized “Love Dolls”

Documentaries About Life-Sized “Love Dolls”

They say love is blind, but can it also be synthetic? In human romantic relationships, love and sex often go together. But what if one party is human, but the other is a life-sized “Love Doll.” There are hundreds of documentaries available out there when one character is a human male while the other is a synthetic sex doll.

Here are some of the best documentaries about life-sized “love dolls” ever made:

1.   All Dolled Up

This documentary is directed by David Hockey. This film is about high-end dolls and women and men who own and truly love them. This light-hearted film is quite serious; it allows you to experience the cravings and impulses of this distinctive culture. We guarantee that you will be surprised to see how well these life-like, life-sized dolls are taken care of.

This film is about several men who date, companion, snuggle and collect expensive love dolls. The documentary explains how much 성인용품 cost, how they are made, and why people decide to buy them. According to one viewer, this documentary totally showcases love dolls owners and chronicles some insight into their lifestyles.

2.   Guys and Dolls

In the Year 2007, BBC introduced a documentary known as “Guys and Dolls.” This documentary explains the ‘love dolls” industry and the people who buy them. The whole documentary is available on YouTube.

In 1996, Realdoll – a California Company – started making realistic, life-sized love dolls. Since then, the company has sold hundreds of thousands of love dolls for upwards of ten thousand dollars each. The men interviewed in this documentary talk about how these love dolls influence their lifestyle. Even though they feel isolated from the real world, they say the intimacy they feel with the love dolls is worth it.

3.   Love Me, Love My Doll

This extraordinary documentary is directed by Nick Holt and has Mark Strong as narrator. It explains the lifestyle of some lonely men who have fallen in love with their life-sized, customized love dolls. Unlike BBC sitcoms, the love dolls in this film are not the blow-up style but are quite realistic that cost about $15,000 and more.

The characters are quite honest and say more than they probably meant to. According to one viewer, more social commentary and Intelligence would have made this documentary much better. The final impression of this documentary is one of sadness, where life-sized love dolls are welcomed as a companion in a world where self is all.

4.   Silicone Soul

Finally, we have “Silicone Soul,” a documentary directed by Melody Gilbert. This film explores the sexual and emotional attachments some people have to their life-sized, synthetic love dolls and what that means for the future of human relationships. In short, this documentary is all about love, secrets, loneliness, and perhaps acceptance.

The bonds shown in Silicone Soul are layered and diverse: from friendship to relationship and to love. This documentary doesn’t allow its characters to be easily judged or labeled.