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Naming a Star is a Gift Sure to be Remembered

Naming a Star is a Gift Sure to be Remembered

Are you looking for that perfect and unique gift to give your loved one this holiday season? Naming a star after them could be the most thoughtful and unexpected gift they never even dreamt of getting. Starregister.org is the perfect place to purchase your loved ones a gift that they will never forget.


Name Recorded in the Official Registry of Stars

Other sites promoting star registry often only “register ” the name, this is unofficial and can result in “your” star being resold. Starregister.org officially names your star. And with the use of advanced star mapping software, the exact coordinates of your star are recorded meaning that it is uniquely yours and can never be resold or recycled back into the pool. This also means your star is extremely easy for you to find as well, either using the software or in the actual night sky.


Multiple Packs to Choose From

All stars are visible with the naked eye in the United States, so no need to worry about receiving an obtuse star so far out in the galaxy you’ll never be able to find it. Still, there are a few choices on packages available, making this the perfect customizable gift for any gift-giving situation. You can choose from the Deluxe Star Kit, which allows you to name a star after someone. The Supernova Star Kit, which features only the brightest stars in the universe. Or the Twin Star Kit, allowing you to name two stars that are situated side by side.


The Star isn’t All

Each order, regardless of package choice, comes with an elegant gold embossed, personalized certificate and a 4 piece gift pack. Gift pack includes a personalized star map detailing the exact coordinates of your star, along with a photo book and a star factsheet. Gift pack also includes Celestia software which you can use to find your star or simply get a closer look around the night sky digitally.


Perfect for a Quick or Last Minute Gift

You receive this gift in under 48 hours, which makes it the ideal intimate and thoughtful gift for any last-minute gift shopper. You can email the PDF file to your loved one or even share it on their Facebook, also making it a good choice for long-distance loved ones. This gift has a real wow factor, even though it doesn’t take much time to acquire.


This is not another run of the mill gifting option. Starregister.org offers a delightfully different idea to show your loved ones you care. Give your loved one a gift this holiday season that they will be talking about for years to come!