Taxotere Lawsuit Deadline


    Did you know that the use of Cancer drug has the potential to cause alopecia, a condition that involves permanent loss of hair? Well, most of the patients who have opted for this method of treatment have gotten furious with this side effect. Hundreds of these patients have filed cases in courts of law concerning this development.

    With these advancements, some cases involving Taxotere drugs and alopecia are being investigated. The aim is to get patients who have suffered this side effect to come and speak out. Luckily, if you experienced permanent hair loss as a result of using this drug, you will get free case reviews.

    About the Taxotere Treatment Method

    Taxotere medical treatment is also commonly known as chemotherapy. It is an agent that has been approved to treat breast cancer-related cases. In the recent past, the scope has been expanded to treat gastric, neck, prostate, neck cancer as well as cell lung cancer.

    Despite being widely used, the manufacturing firm only included a disclaimer on alopecia in 2015.

    Due to this foresight, a considerable number of people have lost their hair for the last two decades that the drug has been in use. As such, over 260 lawsuits have been filed against Taxotere chemotherapy treatment procedure to get some taxotere lawsuit settlement.

    The Allegations Levelled against the Product

    The plaintiffs allege that the drug is more likely to lead to permanent hair loss. In the label, the firm argues that hair will grow back after sometime. It is this defective disclaimer that has led to most patients losing their hair.

    As such, due to this misrepresentation, the clients who lost their hair are entitled to unliquidated damages due to the emotional distress alongside other costs that they have suffered.

    Bernstein Liebhard LLP

    Bernstein Liebhard LLP is the law firm that represents various injured persons in a complex class and individual cases since 1993. It is this law firm that is representing the aggrieved parties in this petition. But, how does the law firm match the financial and legal muscles required to sustain an appeal against an established pharmaceutical company?

    Being a national law firm, the Bernstein Liebhard LLP possesses all the resources and skills that are required to challenge an established medical device in the market successfully.

    As a result of this financial muscle, the attorneys in this industry have been able to recover over $3.5 billion on behalf of their clients. Owing to the success rate at which their petitions sails through, Bernstein Liebhard LLP is honored to receive an award for being the “Plaintiff Hot List” in the National Law Journal. The firm has held this position for 13 years standing.


    Manufacturers are under obligation to offer the disclaimer on the possible side effects of a product. The warning should be made in good faith and should not be in any way be used to misrepresent facts. And whether these appeals sails through or not, it is upon the courts to decide.