Home Home Improvement What are the current kitchen colour trends?

What are the current kitchen colour trends?

What are the current kitchen colour trends?

When a person is looking to update their kitchen, some colors will make it stand out. These colors will give the kitchen a modern look and feel. These are some of the current color trends for the kitchen.


This color is becoming a very popular choice for the home and especially the kitchen. The cabinets are being painted gray and there have been gray accidents added. This color gives the kitchen a modern and sophisticated look.

Painting Above

When painting the kitchen, the color will start at the floor and go all the way up to the ceiling. This will allow the kitchen to have a cozy look especially if there are high ceilings. The room can be painted a darker color and a darker shared is used for the ceiling. The walls are lighter and this will complement the look. To make a kitchen look larger a lighter shade should be used on the walls.

 Brighten Stand Alone

There is a way to give the home a new look. The island or a standalone hutch in the kitchen can be given some bright and bold colors. Some of the most popular colors to use on these pieces are violent, a pumpkin orange, peacock, or lime. This will allow a piece to be accepted and will allow the piece to stand out without adding too much color.

 Colored Fabrics

In addition to paint, colored fabrics are being used to brighten up the kitchen. Upholstered chairs are given fabric with bright patterns. This will allow there to be color in the room. Accent pillows are also being used in the kitchen to give it some color.

 Earthy Tones

Soft and Earthy tones that have to shine are becoming popular in the kitchen. Muted shades of blues and greens are being used in this room. These colors look really good when they are paired with natural wood finishes.

 Modern Pairing

These are some colors that are being paired together to give the room and update. While black and white are still popular other color pairs are creating a contemporary look. Dark gray goes well with a warm gold or darker blues. This will give the kitchen a fresh look.

 Glamour Shades

There are shades from old Hollywood that are being used in the kitchen. Different shades of gray are being paired with colors that have a metallic shiner. This is being used on hardware, lightings, and backsplashes. This color design looks great against white cabinets.

These are some of the kitchen trends where color is being used to make the room stand out. The kitchen no longer has to be a boring and dull room. These kitchen color trends will allow the kitchen to be a welcoming room. If you would like to have your kitchen painted a new color, consider reaching out to a professional cabinet refinishing calgary service.